About Us


  • Established in 2019, we are a cosmetic manufacturers of natural ingredients covering over 40 skincare, hair care, body care and fragrance products. We mainly focus on halal, vegan and organic products. We make great effort to put together the best and comprehensive healthcare selections in clean and non-toxic ingredients. We assure quality in all our products because we know that quality is a result of high intention and skills. We invite you to start your clean beauty care journey with us.

Vision & Mission

  • Our mission is to ensure the complete satisfaction and well-being of our clients, manufacturing natural body care products and promoting innovation, efficiency, competitiveness and social responsibility. We ensure that all our products are prepared and processed in state approved facilities which is aligned with our Ministry of Health’s guidelines.
  • Our vision is to continually be a body care company dedicated to providing products which are beneficial for healthy skin with all natural ingrdients and to develop products that help professionals meet the highest quality standards so that their work will meet the highest quality standards.
  • To be an organization recognized by the quality of our body care products!